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Virtual Classes

same great classes. New cinematic experience.



Why Virtual Classes?

Virtual Classes are a great introduction to fitness classes. You can follow along with the best instructors in the world to reach your fitness goals. It’s a NON-INTIMIDATING experience that will drive amazing results and get you ready for live classes.

Start your Virtual Workouts by combining Les Mills classes with pumping sound and motivation from the hottest instructors on the planet. Using our big screen in Studio 1 we have added over 100 virtual classes led by global instructors dedicated to help you in your fitness journey. It’s never been easier to attend your favorite classes.

Due to current demand, our classes are here to stay and hugely popular at all the best gyms around the world.

Watch the video below to find out more!

More classes. More choice.

As well as all of your favorite live classes our virtual classes give you the choice and convenience to workout at almost any time of the day and night. With over 100 extra classes for you to chose from, there are more opportunities for you to get your Bodypump, Bodybalance, Bodycombat, CX works and Sh’bam classes in.

Master trainers instructing every class

Each virtual class is instructed by the best Les Mills master trainers from all around the world. You can be sure that you are hitting every safety cue and making sure your form is on point in every class, and that you get the best work-out of your life.

It’s school holidays, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss your workout!
We make it easy for Mums to enjoy a workout! Childcare sessions available every weekday morning. Members and non members welcome.

Our team have been providing a safe and happy environment for over 20 years.

Don’t miss another workout! Contact us today for more details.

Childcare packs available.

224 Cranbourne Rd, Frankston.

Haiden & Shelley working hard together in an early morning Max class.

Couples who train together, stay together 💪😄

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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn all about Input Max.

T&Cs apply. Contact reception to book your spot today.

Limited spots available.

Stiff Muscles?
Low Energy?
Feeling Stressed?
Out of Shape?
Try Pilates!
Every Monday at 5.30pm.

Sign up for a trial at reception 0397893566. T&Cs Apply.

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Warm your muscles and elongate your stretches in our calming yoga studio. The perfect place to unwind and connect with your mind and body. Enjoy complimentary herbal tea before you continue your day.

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Don’t put a freeze on your fitness. Join up NOW and enjoy the hottest health club on the Peninsula. Everything you need over 2 LEVELS.

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This season get more sleep, boost your vitamin intake, book your 10 pack of sauna sessions and cut out the sugar. Feel better for longer.

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From as little as $2.15/day it’ll keep you mentally and physically well- setting goals, a positive atmosphere, healthy weekly routine and a home away from home. And much cheaper than a coffee. ...