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03 9789 3566

INPUT MAX membership

Unlimited high intensity group functional training sessions.


Meditate in yoga, light up in cycle or try live & virtual fitness classes.


All the big brands from weight loss to mass gainers


Huge floor of pin loaded and heavy weight equipment including Hammer Strength 

core power foods MEALS

Maintain a healthy diet with zero preparation


2018 award winning instructors voted #1 by the industry


Supportive and friendly environment


Be a part of our proud fitness community


Convenient service for you and your children


Therapeutic results for recovery and weight loss that make you feel good. 

You deserve an amazing gym.
For you, your family & your friends. 24/7.

Whether you’re a student, a professional or pensioner. A single dad of 3 or a working mum. You deserve a gym that’s beyond friendly, beyond spotless, beyond well-equipped. A Frankston gym with friendly faces, fun classes, and heaps of convenient services in one place. We’ve redesigned our Input Fitness club because we believe most gyms under-serve and overcharge. Because everybody deserves an amazing home away from home

and this is it


Frankston Gym - Input Fitness

Less attitude. More FUN. More RESULTS.

Get ready for every workout you could want in the biggest, friendliest gym on the Peninsula. At Input Fitness we’re here to entertain, educate and elevate so you feel better, stronger & calmer each time you visit.


Great Gym, Even Greater Value.

Friendly Team and Supportive Programs

New Equipment and Loads of Classes

Squeaky Clean Facilities

Experienced, Dedicated Trainers

Our members are our best advertisement

We don’t pay people to say nice things, they just do.
You can read more from our happy customers on facebook

“Warm and Welcoming”

“Input Fitness club is the most warm and welcoming fitness club I’ve ever walked into, all the staff are so lovely and attentive and legitimately greet you with sincere smiles.”

Mark Griffith

“Fab way to start the day”

“The facilities and equipment at Input, along with the team and vibe is so positive and uplifting. Fab way to start the day- fit, fuelled at the cafe and fresh to go. Love it!!”

Belinda Murray

“Absolutely love it!”

“I’ve been a member at Input for over 6 years! I absolutely LOVE it! The staff are super helpful and friendly, especially Clift at the front desk! Always got a smile on his face.”

Tara Walker

“Reaching My Goals”

“Input is my home away from home!! I love the friendly staff who remember my name and regularly ask me how I am going with my goals and take the time to give me advice on how to further reach them.”

Melissa Bialek

It’s school holidays, but it doesn’t mean you have to miss your workout!
We make it easy for Mums to enjoy a workout! Childcare sessions available every weekday morning. Members and non members welcome.

Our team have been providing a safe and happy environment for over 20 years.

Don’t miss another workout! Contact us today for more details.

Childcare packs available.

224 Cranbourne Rd, Frankston.

Haiden & Shelley working hard together in an early morning Max class.

Couples who train together, stay together 💪😄

Book a trial today!
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Don’t miss this opportunity to learn all about Input Max.

T&Cs apply. Contact reception to book your spot today.

Limited spots available.

Stiff Muscles?
Low Energy?
Feeling Stressed?
Out of Shape?
Try Pilates!
Every Monday at 5.30pm.

Sign up for a trial at reception 0397893566. T&Cs Apply.

INPUT. Every age and every goal. 🌟 ...

Warm your muscles and elongate your stretches in our calming yoga studio. The perfect place to unwind and connect with your mind and body. Enjoy complimentary herbal tea before you continue your day.

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Don’t put a freeze on your fitness. Join up NOW and enjoy the hottest health club on the Peninsula. Everything you need over 2 LEVELS.

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Life is challenging. A regular exercise routine helps prepare your body for times of stress and medical setbacks as well as protection for demanding jobs/lifestyles and ageing. #highintensityintervaltraining #planahead ...

The health club lifestyle - your one place to unwind, catch up, dance, spin, stretch, burn and laugh. We’ll have you 24/7. ...

This season get more sleep, boost your vitamin intake, book your 10 pack of sauna sessions and cut out the sugar. Feel better for longer.

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Something for everyone at the best club on the Peninsula. ...

No better value or gym than HERE. Come for a trial and feel better working out with us. ...

It’s Friday again…… then Saturday Sunday. Same time same place. Same great feeling. ...

From as little as $2.15/day it’ll keep you mentally and physically well- setting goals, a positive atmosphere, healthy weekly routine and a home away from home. And much cheaper than a coffee. ...