S.A.S: Sculpture, Abs & Stretch

Sculpture, Abs & Stretch Ab Workout Class

At Input Fitness, our popular Sculpture, Abs and Stretch (S.A.S) class is a comprehensive ab workout specifically choreographed to tone, strengthen and sculpt without intense impact or joint stress. Every muscle group is targeted with the best core exercises and stretching exercises. From weight bearing exercises all the way to a full body stretch and wind down at the end, S.A.S allows you to experience a class that’s both intense and relaxing.

 Work Your Way to a Rock Hard Core

The stretching exercises implemented into our S.A.S ab workout program can be achieved by people of all levels and backgrounds, so you don’t have to already have a strong core to complete these sessions. Through perfecting your form, teaching you the best core exercises and encouraging you to keep pushing, your dream abs are only sessions away.

The ab workout and stretching exercises in our S.A.S class are designed to help you achieve optimal posture, balance and strength. We also pride ourselves on creating a fitness environment that allows people to feel encouraged and supported in all of their fitness endeavours.