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Group fitness training is a fantastic idea for anybody that’s looking for a social way to exercise or just isn’t comfortable going at it alone. Input Fitness is passionate about providing group fitness programs that help you reach your fitness goals, get in shape and meet likeminded people while training alongside a group fitness instructor.


Our Group Training Classes Include

  • TRX– Total Body Resistance Exercise (TRX), is a Navy Seals invented training.This suspension training is a fantastic way to build strength and stability using one piece of equipment and your own body weight. It delivers a fast, effective total-body workout that leverages gravity and your body weight to build strength balance, flexibility and rock-solid core. Throughout TRX your trainer will scale the exercise, based on your ability to gain your best form, whether you’re advanced or at a beginner level. Become a weapon with TRX at Input Fitness!
  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) – This exercise alternates between short intense periods of exercise and less intense recovery and rest periods. Using a combination of cardio equipment and explosive movements, this challenging session will boost your metabolism to burn fat whilst elevating your cardiovascular health. The result- your metabolism will be burning for hours after your session!
  • Metafit™ –  A 30 minute  choreographed high intensity session, full of body weight exercises. Metafit™ is a functional and effective metabolic workout that will change the way you train. The beauty of Metafit™ is in its simplicity. Utilising body weight at a high intensity, this workout is adaptable for all fitness levels and abilities and will keep your metabolism fired up long after the workout is done.
  • Core – The foundations of strength lay in the core-the collection of muscles ranging from the hips to the shoulders, which stabilise and move the spine. Keeping the body’s stabilising muscles strong will not only improve your performance, but can also do wonders for your posture and help in life’s everyday tasks. In this session, you will be guided and challenged by our professional trainers through a series of floor exercises from various modalities, including elements from Yoga and Pilates.
  • Power Circuit- A time efficient 30 minute session which focuses on increasing muscle strength and core. This session will help you achieve a toned physique and reduce overall body fat.
  • Box Burn – A 30 minute session incorporating boxing drills and body exercises, blending strength training and cardio to make you fitter and stronger.
  • Ignite 45 – A dynamic 45 minute  training that includes TRX, battle ropes, THE SLED, kettle bells, shuttle runs, and more!
    Our trainers will motivate and help you with great techniques so that you can maximise your session. Ignite 45 sessions are capped at 16 participants and together, we build strength, tone our muscles, burn far and have a lot of fun!


Learn More About Our Group Training Classes

If you’re looking to participate in group training classes in the Frankston area, look no further than our gym group fitness classes. Contact us today to discuss membership options or speak to a group fitness trainer.