Fight Club

Fight Club – A Full Body Workout

If you’re looking for a full body workout, our Fight Club class allows you to unleash the beast. The class incorporates boxing drills and body weight exercises at both low and high intensity. A tough full body workout for all levels, it’s ideal for building power, strength and endurance. Get where you want to be in terms of fitness by taking part in our hardcore Fight Club.

What is the Difference between Body Weight Exercises and Lifting Weights?

Body weight exercises and weight training are both effective ways to work out. Body weight exercises use your own body as resistance, while weight training relies on heavier dumbbells or bars. In the gym, you should add more weight to the exercise if you’re looking to increase the difficulty. Generally, body weight exercises are used to increase stamina and muscle endurance and can help tone up muscles.

What Can Boxing Do for Your Body?

Boxing is an incredible full body work out, as it covers all areas thanks to a perfect combination of resistance training and cardio. It’s a fat burner that helps you to build strong muscles, increase your muscle endurance and give your cardiovascular fitness a boost. It’s also commonly used as a form of stress relief.

Is Boxing Good for Losing Weight?

Boxing is a highly popular weight loss exercise. A full body work out that relies on intense body weight exercises and resistance, boxing can burn over 500 calories in a single session.