Cardio Blast

Get Moving with a Cardio Blast Class

At Input Fitness Health Club, we’re proud to provide you with fun and new ways to reach your best. If you’re looking for an intense cardio workout that concentrates on aerobic exercise, our Cardio Blast class might be for you.

What is Cardio Blast?

Cardio Blast is a moderate to high level aerobic exercise class that blends old school aerobics with strength and resistance training. It’s a high intensity cardio workout focused on toning your muscles with the best cardio exercises paired with uplifting beats. Feel every area of your body work and move while being empowered by those around you in our Cardio Blast class.

How Can Cardio Help Weight Loss?

A cardio workout is one of the most popular fat burning exercises out there. Helping you gain muscle and lose fat, the aerobic exercise workouts in our classes can assist you in burning calories and quickening your metabolism.

For Whom is Cardio Blast Meant?

Cardio Blast is for everyone, with a cardio workout being suitable for people of all levels and ages. The great thing about our classes is that they’re completely supportive, so you can move at your own pace to perfect your form and execution.