Input Fitness Cafe

Input Fitness – a Gym with Cafe

If you’re looking for a gym with cafe, Input Fitness Health Club has you covered. Our gym cafe is filled to provide a healthy variety of delicious and freshly prepared food for you to enjoy before or after your workout. Our wide variety of nutrient rich, healthy options, including salads, raw treats, toasties and take home meals as a post-workout option.

We also serve pre and post-workout smoothies using the Total Science Nutrition range (also available for purchase).  Should it be caffeine you’re tasting our barista made coffee will provide your fix!

Whether you want to take some time to relax, need to refuel, or want grab some food to eat on the run, you can trust that our cafe has the best food to keep you going. We’re proud to be more than a gym – we’re a community that celebrates your fitness goals and encourages you to make better food choices.


Input Fitness Health Club Cafe Operating Hours:

Monday- Friday- 6am- 6.30pm

Saturday- 8am-11.30am